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At Prospect Luxury Homes our mission is to create beautiful, practical living spaces for every price range and lifestyle. No matter how small or how big your new home will be, Prospect Luxury Homes strives to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary and make it the home of your dreams. We work closely with architects, engineers, and interior designers to produce a home that is a source of pride for you the homeowner for years to come. We’ll offer honest opinions and solutions to your problems while ensuring exquisite quality in every detail offering only the best craftsmanship from our team. We provide personal attention with you through every step of the planning and building process. Our years of experience and hands-on method of building shows in the superior final product we deliver.

What we do


A creative and hands-on Custom Builder Prospect Luxury Homes builds detailed and unique custom homes within the greater Toronto area. Our projects range anywhere in size from smaller, efficient homes to larger Estate Homes. We typically build client custom home projects on a contractual basis pursuant to the client’s construction plans. From initial discussions to handing over the keys, we follow a proven and methodical team-based and client-focused Building Process that enables us to successfully complete our projects on time and within budget.

Our personal down to earth approach and our pledge for perfection is what distinguishes us from other builders. We are passionate about delivering a top quality product that is even better than you imagined.


Where you are thinking about an addition, updating living space or renovating your basement, Prospect is the right builder for the job. We will work with you to help you achieve the home of your dreams, we will demonstrate the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that we do when executing a custom build from start to finish. Let us work with your existing architecture and home design to blend your addition seamlessly into your home so that it looks like it has always existed! No detail will be overlooked.

Whether it is a full addition and remodel or a basement Prospect realizes it’s a big undertaking, we work with you to make the process as stress-free as possible. In the end, you will have a home renovation you will love for years to come, and the comfort of knowing you worked with a professional, experienced builder who completed the job right the first time.

Our Process

Prospect Luxury Homes wants to be your partner in creating the perfect custom home for your family from the very beginning, until the moment you walk through the front door of your completed luxury home. We pride ourselves on smoothly guiding our clients through the entire building and construction process from beginning to end. Many clients ask how long this process will take. Of course, timelines can vary based on many factors, but typically once the design phase is complete and the project is permit approved, the construction process will take approximately eight to twelve months from groundbreaking to completion

Getting to Know One Another

Initial client meeting to determine your overall vision, style of home, budget, construction requirements, and land location. We encourage any questions a client may have regarding the home building process, services, home construction and building sites. The earlier we can get together with our clients the better we will be able to make decisions throughout the home’s construction process.

Concept & Design

We work with you and guide you through the Concept and design stages in concert with your architect and designer. If you don’t have an architect or design we have architects /designers that we work with and highly recommend. Once there is an idea of the concept and size of the home, we can begin to discuss budget and overall cost to build your dream homes. We will also aid in the facilitating the permit process.

Prospect Luxury Homes is a contract management company. We build your home for a set fee and then pass on all our industry discounts to our clients. All our contracts are time bounded and our fee reflects the time designated for the project. Our clients are invoiced directly to maintain transparency throughout the entire process.


Once you have finalized your design, we work with our team to generate a refined estimate which will include fees, designs, and materials. You will receive a complete Scope of Work and Schedule along with your estimate. This budget will be the cost to build the home with every detail accounted for from landscaping to flooring and lighting allowances, from roof to foundation. Once we have agreed on the budget, amenities, specifications and allowances, we will prepare a Building Agreement and move forward with the Building Permit process.

Breaking Ground

Once permits have been obtained we will set a start date, this is a very exciting time for us and our clients! We will once again meet and take you through the entire process line by line before the start date. Our goal is to ensure your experience is as seamless and stress free a possible. We will be onsite, intimately involved in every detail of scheduling, ordering, coordinating and managing the project from start to finish. Any questions or concerns will be addressed and answer as efficiently as possible.

As your home nears completion, Prospect Luxury Homes will ensure every detail has been addressed. Our goal is to exceed expectations the day we deliver your dream home. We are here for you from start to finish and beyond. We take pride in the long-term relationship we create with you. We do this by being there for you long after the build, whether that means connecting you with material manufacturers, skilled tradespeople, or responding to your warranty requests.

Give Prospect Luxury Homes a call and lets get started!

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